Automatic container petrol stations

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Automatic container petrol stations are easy to install and have a high level of safety. Petrol station's size allows very easy transport by car, train or ship. Building the operator's premise, supplying the utility, water, sewage and heating are not necessary.

A container petrol station contains:

  • Fuel Dispenser
  • Tank
  • Control system


Purpose: for liquid oil products (storing and fuelling).

Volume of the container: 5 000 – 30 000 liters.

Ground area: 55 m2

Time of producing: 2 months

Complete set:

  • Tank
  • Breathing valve
  • Back valve
  • Fuel dispenser
  • Socket 220V
  • Fuel Alarm System
  • Lighting of Petrol station
  • Locking door


Purpose: for fuelling of any products.

This station does not need direct participation of operator.

Ground area: 55 m2

Time of producing: 3 months

Systems of automaticity:

  • Monitoring system
  • Payment system
  • Services system
  • Remote administration system


Land storage tank is in petrol station construction. Fuel is piped to dispensers.

Total area: 200 m2

Tank area: 40 m3

Income sales: 100 fuellings per day


  • Shed area for 1 dispenser
  • Operator’s building
  • Information board
  • Tank area


Land storage tank is in petrol station construction. Fuel is piped to dispensers.

Total area: 280 m2

Tank area: 40 m3

Income sales: 200 fuellings per day


  • Shed area for 2 dispensers
  • Operator’s building
  • Information board
  • Tank area


Main features of interior tank:

  • Material - special steel ST3S (thickness 3 mm);
  • Double-walled;
  • Protected by steel mesh and PEHD geomembrane;
  • The roof under the fuel zone kept warm by special material;
  • Every petrol station is produced individually.


Our company together with partners have a vast experience in construction of petrol stations.

  We provide a complete cycle of works and services on design and construction of petrol stations, on preparation of design documentation, development of modern design, company style.  

  Thanks to a great experience, high qualification of our specialists, modern equipment, smooth running production can perform the full range of works on building of petrol stations and also supplying the petrol stations that are being built with materials and equipment.

  Out petrol stations are practical, multifunctional, original and are ready to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer.

  We also provide engineer-constructor works on partial or complete reconstruction and automation of petrol stations and petroleum storage depots.

Company is engaged in present-day technologies in the area of development and equipment of petrol stations. Our company will help you choose fuel dispenser pumps suitable precisely for Your petrol station, POS systems and control systems for petrol stations, any spare parts and components for fuel dispenser pumps, level measuring systems, LED sign-boards and fuel price-boards for external design of petrol stations, petroleum quality analyzing equipment and any other related equipment. Also T&T LTD provides warranty and post-warranty service of petrol stations.

  Wide spectrum of used materials (from galvanized steel to high-tech aluminium composites) gives us a opportunity to suggest the most suitable solutions to customers on petrol station pricing and technical rates. 

  We have at our disposal a large production space, massive machinery, we manufacture equipment for petrol stations, POS systems, deliver dispenser pumps, lightboards and priceboards for petrol stations. 

  Thus our production capacity allows us to manufacture any, including the most complex and modern elements of petrol station design. 

  Complex solution of problems connected with petrol stations - is the main direction of our activity.

  Personnel of our company - skilled specialists that have a big experience in designing, construction and installation of processing equipment at petrol stations.

  Besides we have experienced construction teams that perform building works at objects of any complication.

  We provide the following works:  

  • Petrol station design;
  • Construction of petrol stations on a turnkey basis;
  • Installation of processing equipment;
  • Supply of fuel dispenser pumps;
  • Supply of POS systems and control systems;
  • Supply of the systems of delivery and account for petrol stations;
  • Support maintenance of petrol stations.