07 Tháng Chín 2015

Tank monitoring system IGAS-ATG for petrol stations

Remote tank monitoring system IGAS-ATG is a solution, whichis connected to automatic tank gauge (ATG) systems (probes) and transmitstank's measurement data to central database with its following processing.IGAS-ATG allows to: 

  • monitor current states of tanks and reservoirs remotely,
  • generate reports for tank's states during a specifiedperiod,
  • keep history of all changes performed in tanks in centraldatabase (processing, storage and archiving of information in database),
  • remotely detect fluctuations in tanks and thus detectleakages and frauds,
  • control upper (overfill protection) and lower (preventionfrom damage of dispensers at dry running) limits in tanks
  • send alarm notifications in case of emergency tank states(text message or e-mail)
  • unite different petrol stations (located in differentplaces) to be controlled from a single system, capasity to unite petrol stationchains into a single system with separation of user permissions (users of onepetrol station chain will see only their petrol stations, not petrol stationsof another chain)

IGAS-ATG system allows connection of different customers tothe same server, such as each of the customers will see only his tanks and willnot know about any other customers connected to the system. The customers canbe separate petrol stations, as well as whole petrol stations chains.

Remote tank monitoring system allows to provide automaticadditional and independent actual control over work of staff on reception anddispensing of petroleum products at all gas stations of the company.

Remote tank monitoring system IGAS works autonomously andindependently from control and POS systems and cash registers, which providescontrol over fuel dispensers at petrol stations and compilating accountingdocuments. Tank monitoring system eliminates possibility of distortion ofrecorded information by service personnel of petrol station.

Area of application: petrol and gas stations, tank farms,storage depots and industrial enterprises.

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